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Sex and the city of God.. Sexuality is: (a) deeply problematic (b) God's gift (c) a hoot. Sexuality in relation to God and the Christian community. What I learned from sex and the city: seeking a spirituality of the body. Male and female God created them: rethinking John Paul II's theology of the body. The God of Sex.

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"CITY OF GOD" () (Alexandre Rodrigues, Leandro Firmino Da Hora) (R) Then there's Knockout Ned (SEU JORGE), a bus driver so enraged by Li'l Zé and his gang raping his girlfriend that he sets out to kill the feared and ruthless leader. As his actions set off a massive gang war in the city, Rocket, now an aspiring photographer.

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Thus, in order to stay culturally relevant, many Christians stress that it was God who designed sex to yield pleasure. From this legitimate starting point, however, some Christians end up elevating pleasure above the procreative and unitive aspects of sex.

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